A Guide For Using Nose Hair Trimmers

We all follow a basic hygiene routine in our daily life, which includes showering, wearing clean clothes, brushing teeth, and maintaining beard and head hair. But apart from these necessary hygiene tasks, you should also need to take care of your minor body part’s hygiene like nose hair. Most people don’t take their nose hair seriously and delay trimming it for as long as possible. That makes one’s nose bushy and creates a distracting and unattractive look.

A Guide For Using Nose Hair Trimmers

To maintain your nose hair, you have to trim it regularly. Many use scissors to trim nose hair, but you should opt for a smart option like a nose hair trimmer for safer and convenient trimming. Let’s learn the safest ways to use nose hair trimmers

Understand the instruction manual 

Before going toward the trimming process, reading the instruction manual that comes with an electric nose hair trimmer and understanding its operation is vital. You can quickly learn the features and controls of your trimmer by reading the instruction manual. In that way, you can avoid many potential injuries, and make your trimming experience comfortable and safe. 

Use a place with proper lighting

Without proper lighting, trimming nose hair can be risky for you. If your bathroom is only equipped with overhead lighting, it may not be a safe place to use a trimmer because overhead lights do not provide sufficient coverage. Thus you can miss your nose hair and also hurt yourself. So first, make sure that the area has adequate lighting to operate a nose trimmer and use it safely. You can also use a makeup mirror for trimming nose hair. 

Clear your nose before trimming  

First, make sure that your nose is free of mucus and other dried materials. If you perform trimming in a blocked nose with nasal cavity waste, then the trimmer will not work efficiently. Also, it can be a painful experience for you. 

So clean your nose thoroughly before trimming so that a trimmer can trim nose hair properly. This way you can reduce many potential risks. 

Avoid removing all nose hair

No doubt trimming nose hair is excellent for hygiene, but entirely trimming or removing them can create significant health concerns for you. If you do so, then be aware because your nose hair serves a purpose.

Nose hair protects you from environmental pollutants as when you breathe; you intake air from your nose, which is mixed with many harmful substances. And the hair available in the nose prevents the fine pollutants from entering the body. Nose hair is also helpful in maintaining the temperature and moisture of the nose.

Do not hurry while trimming

If you want to cut your nose hair, make sure that you are not in a hurry. It is good to take some time out so that you can do it carefully. However, you need to be more cautious in trimming while using scissors. After all, handle nose hair carefully and slowly, whether you are using trimmers or scissors. 

Be careful if you sneeze while trimming

If you feel like sneezing while using a vibrating trimmer inside your nose, remove the trimmer immediately as it can damage the nasal cavity. 

Untangle the nose hair

Use a wet cloth and make your nose hair free so that the trimmer can easily trim. Also, doing this moistens the inner area. 

Start from below

Insert trimmer inside your nose gently. An electric hair trimmer will perfectly fit into your nostril. First, cut the hair of the lower area and then move toward the remaining hair. You can push your nose tip up for efficient trimming. Move the trimmer in a circular path inside your nostril to trim your hair correctly.

Clean your nose at the end 

After trimming your nose hair, clean them. Blow your nose and clean it using a towel or rinse your nose before blowing and then clean with a towel so the fine hair inside the nostrils can be removed easily. 

Finally, clean the trimmer

To clean the trimmer, separate the blade from the trimmer and rinse it in running water to remove trimmed hair. It is good to use an antiseptic for cleaning it and make sure that the gadget is dry before storing it. 

If you have a battery-operated trimmer, make sure it is fully charged. It is not good to use a less charged trimmer, as it will trim your hair slowly. You can trim your nose hair at home by following the above methods. Moreover, if you want professional care for trimming hair from any sensitive body part, you can visit La Barbera barbershop, where experts will treat you well. 

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