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A shampoo after a haircut is quite important to see the best results. To have a hassle-free haircut, we at La Barbera offer shampoo after every haircut to our customers. We understand the importance of healthy hair and ensure that you do not go back home with a dirty one. And guess what? You do not have to pay extra for this service.

A perfect haircut enhances your hairstyle by giving it an ideal shape and structure. La Barbera makes sure that men should get an equal opportunity to groom themselves. Thus at La Barbera, all the hairstylists have been trained in a manner that each one of them is capable of giving their customer well defined and structured haircut

At, La Barbera, all the hairstylists have been trained in a manner that each one of them is capable of giving their customer well defined and structured haircut. Also, they offer all the fresh, on-trend looks, and you can always count on us for the latest trends

At La Barbera, we offer a wide range of haircut design services. Our staff is well trained and qualified to give you the latest haircut designs. You can get the best haircut from our experts, starting from just $5

From a regular haircut to a whole face shave La Barbera provides you with all the services under one roof. You can relax in your private chair with a TV in front, and enjoy your services. The service also includes a free personal consultation from one of our experts.

Whether you are looking for a haircut for yourself or your son La Barbera has got you, it is a one-stop solution for all the men grooming services. You can probably chill in our waiting area and get ready to be styled with one of our best stylists.

The latest on-going fashion trends strongly influence our haircuts. Our hairstylists are well aware of the latest trends amongst the kids and thus know all the newest haircut designs. From a regular clipper fade or classic cut tailored according to your taste, our stylist are capable enough to provide you with all the haircut service that you desire

Representing the next evolution is what our hairstylists at La Barbera thrive for. Our hairstylist team gets regular updates about all the latest trends, so if you think your son needs a new haircut or a haircut design, you can trust us. Our haircut design team is top-notch.

It includes a free personal consultation from our in-house stylist. After the service of beard clean up, a hot towel on the face and neck is complimentary with a short shoulder massage for giving a relaxing finish to your experience at La Barbera.

Having a clean beard becomes quite essential if you are at a young age or even when you are out for a meeting. Trimming your beard helps you have the desired shape and enhances your look by making you look clean and tidy. At La Barbera, our stylist team is well qualified to give you the trim the way you want.

To give our customers the best grooming services is something that we live by at La Barbera. If you want to have a relaxing session and pamper yourself, you can visit us anytime or make a prior appointment. From beard trim, haircut design to waxing, we provide all the men’s grooming services.

La Barbera can be your one-stop solution for all your problems. We provide all the men grooming services under one roof. All our hairstylists and groomers are well qualified and capable of providing you with all the services you desire. We have world-class grooming facilities available for you.

At La Barbera, you can experience the classic Swedish Massage. Our expert therapist will help you relax your body and soul by giving you the authentic experience of a rejuvenating massage. We assure you of complete stress relief. Our hydrating facials are vitamins infused. Our therapist ends the massage session with a puff eye mask which hydrates your skin, and then you are ready to rule the world with that radiant glow.

This service at La Barbers is performed only by the experts because we don’t want you to end up with disastrous eyebrows. It helps to remove the excess of hair from the brows. Eyebrow waxing is said to be the best hair removal for eyebrows, as it delays the growth because the hair removal takes place from the roots.

We all nose hair, and there is nothing to be ashamed of, but too much hair can look a little weird. Our expert team knows exactly the amount of hair removal required on these sensitive areas. Painless removal of hair is our priority, especially when it comes to such a sensitive area.

Waxing for hair removal is the best process. If you get hair on your ears, then you should go for ear wax for smooth skin. Ears are quite a sensitive area, and you do not want to take any risk. At La Barbera, we have professionals for hair removal.

Black masks are high in demand; it cleanses your face deeply. At La Barbera, we offer the black mask with exfoliation and steam, extracting all the pollutants on your face. It also helps to remove the dead skin cells. It helps in preventing breakouts and gives you healthier skin.

If you do not want to go through waxing, you can go for eyebrow straight razor service. It is less painful as compared to the waxing but gives you the same result. You will have fine, well-defined brow lines after taking the service. At La Barbera, you can ask our experts to provide you with the shape you desire, and the stylist will do the same for you.

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